About us

Whether looking flawless ringside, hanging out with the girls or getting her makeup fix at home in front of her vanity, it’s evident that Doralie Medina—better known to the world as “Bad Medina”—is a fearless believer in being your own kind of beautiful. 

Bad has cultivated quite a following online, sharing her style and posting her way into our hearts by filling our feeds with her seemingly effortless knack for all things beauty and glam.

As a woman, Bad knows that we are always on the hunt for that next best beauty product, a search that has inspired her to start her own self-named luxury makeup line, Bad Medina. 

The Bad Medina line is strongly influenced by both her affinity for pin-up glamour and her determination to make quality products that can keep up with even the most active of fashionistas. 

The line is every Baddie’s dream come true—diamond-dust infused products in vibrant colors that provide great coverage and have phenomenal staying power.

Are you ready to flaunt your inner Baddie?