Which Eyeshadow Color Makes Your Eyes Pop

Brown Eyes

If you have dark brown eyes, you can amp up your eye shadow look to make your eyes look as big as possible. Bright purples, oranges, browns, and silvers will complement your eyes and make them pop. Elle says adding a black liner to your waterline will make the color pop even more against the black liner.


Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, purple and rose hues will compliment your eyes well. This will bring out the green in your eyes and make them pop. Adding some shimmer will also bring out the lighter tones in your eyes and make them look their best.


Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, the best compliment for your eyes are neutral colors. Elle says to stay away from harsh or overly dark colors, such as a smokey eye. Tones such as soft pinks and golds will make your eyes pop, without taking away from their natural color.


Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, your eyes are already bright! So you don’t have to brighten them anymore. You do not have to rely on bright colors. According to Elle, a light purple is the go-to for a night out, and a glittery brown is perfect for a day-to-day look.


Grey eyes

If you have grey eyes, the best way to make your eyes pop is by applying a shade similar to your eye color. For example, a steel blue or light grey will have the best results bringing out the color of your eyes.