Gua Sha: What is it & Why is it good for you

Gua Sha: What is it & Why is it good for you

Have you heard of Gua Sha? If you haven't, let me tell you, it is one of the most incredible and ancient forms of healing. It's practiced in Asia, Europe and Africa; and it's benefits are infinite.

Gua Sha, also known as Chinese Face Mapping, is one of the frequently utilized treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua means Scraping and Sha is Shiatsu.

It's a natural method, where by scraping off the outermost layer of the skin with either a smooth or slightly rough instrument to remove the imbalanced energy and blood from the deeper layer.

The scraping motion leads to stimulation of blood flow, detoxification and nourishment of skin cells. The dried layer is then scraped off using specific type crops and handled properly afterwards.


Give Gua Sha a Try & Experience The Benefits Yourself.