Joan Crawford's Best DIY Beauty Tricks

Starlet Joan Crawford was a Hollywood film and television actress.

While she wasn’t exactly a Pinup Queen like Betty Grable, her fierce ambition and strong talent eventually led to her debut as a chorus girl on Broadway. This was the start of her extensive and impactful career as an American film and television actress.



In her book “My Way of Life” she takes a jab at beauty experts for overcomplicating the process with unnecessary purchases.



Joan Crawford’s DIY Face Mask Recipe:⠀⠀

She would create a blend of unflavored gelatin beaten with witch hazel, baking soda, and one whole egg. She would let this blend soak on her face for 15 minutes, followed by a cool water rinse.


Joan Crawfords DIY Hair Mask Recipe:

Her hair mask blend was made-up of mayonnaise, olive oil, eggs, and lemon juice. She would gently massage this mix into her hair, followed by a 15 minute soak session.

After the mixture had ample time to be absorbed, she rinsed her hair out with cold water. Rinsing these ingredients off with hot water could turn your hair into what Joan calls “scrambled eggs.”


The Crawford Ice Water Technique

She would wash her face and then splash it with a bowl of ice water twenty - five times.

Cold water can naturally tighten up skin that looks puffy. This technique is especially effective at reducing under the eye puffiness.