Jade Rollers: Do they actually work? 

Jade Rollers: Do they actually work? 

We have all heard of the newly popular jade facial rollers. But do they actually work? Are some better than others, or do they all work about the same? How do you use them? I am here, to answer these questions and help you understand what a facial roller really is. 

Facial rollers are used to remove toxins, fine lines, and dark circles from your skin. They are also supposed to significantly decrease inflammation, headaches, and breakouts. 



According to Doctor Laurel Naversen Geraghty’s article on Web MD, she lists what jade rollers really can really do. She says jade rollers can help reduce puffiness temporarily. The roller does this by constricting blood vessels. To maximize the effectiveness of this, you can store your roller in the refrigerator. She also says that jade rollers will help improve circulation which can decrease under-eye swelling and dark circles.  



Now Dr. Geraghty also states what they can not do. She states that there is no scientific evidence that these rollers actually alleviate rashes or wrinkles. However, she states it may seem to because people who will use jade rollers tend to have a higher level of self-care, which would alleviate these problems. 


So overall, we can see that jade rollers can help reduce swelling and circulation. However, they might not do all that they are claiming they can do.