6 Beauty Secrets To Steal From Old Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe

Instead of modern-day lip plumpers, Marilyn Monroe had her makeup artist apply five different shades of lip color, topped with gloss, to make her lips appear fuller.
    Darker shades were applied to the outer corners while lighter shades were applied to the center.

      Carole Lombard

      Carole Lombard was injured in a car accident during her Hollywood career, and this left her nose slightly curved. 
        To fix this, she drew a white line down the center of her nose to make it appear straighter.

          Audrey Hepburn

          Everyone is familiar with Audrey Hepburn’s famous “Doe Eyes”. 
            To achieve this look, she would apply mascara and then separate each individual lash using a pin.

              Grace Kelly

              Instead of the modern way of contouring cheekbones, Grace Kelly used blush to contour. 
                She applied one shade underneath her cheekbones, and a darker shade on her apples to contour her face.

                    Sophia Loren 

                    In her time, Sophia Loren poured olive oil into her warm bath water to help moisturize and nourish the skin.
                      This trick makes a great substitute for bath salts.

                        Greta Garbo

                        Just like today, old Hollywood stars wanted their eyes to really pop on-camera. 
                          To accomplish this, Greta Garbo dabbed the tiniest amount of petroleum jelly on top of her eyeshadow to keep her eyes shimmering all day long.